In a fictional city, a group of friends face a number of personal and professional challenges, tied together by an oddly intelligent cat that seems to show up at just the right moment. Featuring fun-yet-serious storylines that deal with an abusive relationship, a hidden past, and not wanting to grow up, The Cat in The Flat is an audio drama that explores the world we live in, where LGBT+ people are interwoven into society and social awareness is ever increasing. We can’t wait for you to meet the group for the first time and see their uniqueness, queerness, and quirks, and hope you’ll enjoy seeing them evolve and grapple with the difficult mess of situations that lie before them as the series grows!

Cast of Characters


Aloof, zoned out, and mad as a hatter. Yoko is at peace with a life of unemployment and whimsy, and is relentlessly confident in her quirky nature.


Saul is Yoko’s older brother. Neat, studious, and repressed, the last thing he wants to do is talk about his feelings or show any signs of weakness.


Tall, confident, and sassy - Jessie isn't shy with her opinions. If there's one thing she's learned, is that nothing gets between her and being herself.


A member of the perpetual stubble club, David is hugely sensitive in a sunny, upbeat way. He dotes on Jessie, his girlfriend of six months, and has very little by way of complications to hide.


Sarah is bossy, manipulative, controlling, and abusive, treating everyone around her with utter contempt. She's dating Saul - although, to the rest of the gang, it doesn't look much like dating.

The Cat

Oddly good at video games, and seeming to understand what the gang are saying to it, The Cat weaves in and out of the story and punctuates key moments with a warm purr and a soft meow.